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Lovely and naughty Hailey from Hailey’s hideaway sitting on her bed in a white shirt just showing a glimpse of her soft natural teenie breasts. She turns around and reveals her firm young ass. Her milky soft white skin alone makes you horny but then she delivers the final blow by taking it all off and covering her private parts with just a pillow.

One thing that Hailey’s website made me do is to write about my experience with this super cute San Francisco escort that i found on one of the escort sites and it ended up in a friendship with benefits with this extraordinarily hot girl and if you want to get San Francisco escort to come with you make sure you should really check out my article and the story on finding this stunning fun girl and a beautiful friendship and some mind blowing sex every time i would meet her. It somehow feel as if she is using me to escape her every day life but then again sex is her every day life and she is really aggressive with me when we meet up and basically first we need to fuck before we even talk to each other.

After that we fuck a few more times within the few hours she stays over at my place and in between we talk about her work, colleagues and everything related to it. This way i found out a lot a normal person would normally never know. So even though i enjoy the mind blowing sex she also inspired me to write a book about the life as an escort and as a customer for escort services and hopefully i will be finished by the end of the year and even if not the sex is just amazing.



Hailey nude

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